"What a pleasure to find such a unique blend of Gluten Free baked goods. I love your use of alternative flours (beyond white rice flour) and on top of everything, each item is SO DELICIOUS.
I shared my banana bread with non-gluten free friends and they wouldn't stop eating it. I now hide my gluten free items from your bakery because I don't want to share them with anyone.  You almond flour bread is delicious, your quejoles are unbelievable and the spinach feta buns are so amazing. I now travel across town to load up on my goodies from you.  Thank you so much for existing!
... K. Benz

"I bought a package of your oats & granola, both of which I eat & both agree with me. It's the first time I"ve had oats that my celiac system can tolerate . Needless to say I am elated as it adds variety as well as pleasure to my taste buds and appetite.
I tell my friends that my trip to Van. was worth it just to find your store and oats that I can eat!
Thank-you, Arlene for serving people like me who have limited choices when it comes to our diets.
May you continue your service for many years."
... C. Kennedy, NFLD.

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Love what you eat

Enjoy the lazy, crazy, hazy days of Summer everyone!


 Dear Friends,

For almost three years we have been serving outstanding mygoodness! Gluten Free products at our location at 235 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC. Unfortunately,the demands of a bakers’ lifestyle have incurred chronic health issues necessitating a change to our operation. Effective September 1st, 2013 mygoodness! will discontinue its’ retail service and dedicate its’ expertise to full time Gluten Free Baking Classes and related services. 

Through our Classes, we look forward to sharing the knowledge of Gluten Free baking to help you prepare the best of Gluten Free in the comfort and safety of your home. Our launch of Gluten Free flour mixes and ancillary items will provide you affordable convenience for your Gluten Free baking. 

Working closely with the food and hospitality industry to educate and encourage the addition of safe and healthy gluten free items to their menus is also a priority. In our dedicated Gluten Free kitchen we will provide “troubleshooting” support to those who want to develop their Gluten Free products. In short teaching Gluten Free as it should be.

For those who have outstanding Gift Certificates, please contact me at arlene@mygoodnessglutenfree.com to make arrangements to honor the outstanding amount. 

Thank you to EVERYONE who supported and continue to support mygoodness! gluten & wheat free kitchen. You have made the experience so  very wonderful and rewarding. Now onto the next exciting chapter together! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~ Arlene

mygoodness! gluten and wheat free kitchen

Vancouver, BC Canada

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