"Those crackers are perfectly seasoned and they are completely addictive! I ate the biscotti while driving away, stopping at each light to take another bite :) The texture and flavours were just right. And the little gingerbread men were gone gone gone before I got home. OK, so I don't have any will power, but they are really that good!" ...A. Douglas

"In the gluten free market, My Goodness gluten free bakery stands head and shoulders above the others. There is no sacrifice in taste and texture in goods that easily rival those of conventional bakeries. The ever expanding assortment of offerings is making it easier - and tastier - to be gluten free.
Thank you!"

"Arlene's bread at My Goodness Gluten Free nearly made me weep! It is truly perfection! It's delicious as is, right out of the package and to die for toasted or as a sandwich. After many years spent searching for a good loaf of gluten free bread I have finally found it. Thank you Arlene!"
... C. Hodge

"Best biscotti I've ever eaten -- bar none. Most biscotti are too dry and crunchy. This one is tender but crunchy at the same time, so the flavours of the fruits and nuts shine through. I'm not gluten intolerant, I can eat whatever biscotti I want... and I choose yours."...A. Bazeley

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Gluten & Wheat Free Flours & Mixes

Making your own Gluten Free baked goods in the safety and comfort of your home is rewarding and fun, especially once you understand the uniqueness of Gluten Free baking. Try our new products GF Flour blends, Cereals and Speciality mixes to compliment your GF baking.We will  adding to our selection based on demand. Please let us know if there is a flour you would like us to carry.\


Special Orders
We have enjoyed serving you mygoodness! baked goods and sincerely regret having to discontinue our retail service. To accommodate prevailing health issues we have shortened the favourites to our two best sellers because we understand you may wish to avail yourself of  Vancouver's best GF Carrot Cake and Granola every now and again. Please refer to the menu below and  place your order on our Contact page 

mygoodness! Classics

mg! legendary Carrot Cake    large $40.

Generously iced with classic cream-cheese frosting, this is just like the rich, moist carrot cake Mom used to make, if not better! Sorry Mom. 

mg! Granola $8.00

So you think you've tried the best granola ever? No way. Not until you've tried mygoodness! granola. Ribbons of toasted organic coconut mingled with sliced almonds and certified wheat-free Canadian oats, warmed by the sweetness of pure Canadian maple syrup.


Flour Blends

All Purpose Flour Blend 6.45

Brown rice, Tapioca Flour & Potato Starch blend. A practical All Purpose flour that can be used for all of your Gluten Free baking.  Subsitute it cup for cup in your favourite gluten recipes. Feedback from customers who have used it for a range of baking from Pie Crusts to Roti, say they love it!  

High Protein Flour Blend 6.95

Garbanzo Bean, Brown Rice, Tapioca Flour, Potato Starch blend. This nutritous blend works well for products that need structure such as Pizza Crusts, Pie Crusts or Breads.

Specialty Flour Mixes

mg! Scone Mix  7.75

Enjoy fresh baked Scones for Breakfast or Brunch with our mg! Scone mix. It's as simple as one, two, three and as delicious as the Scones we served daily.

mg! Pizza Mix 6.95

Who doesn't love Pizza? Make your own with our mg! Pizza Mix. Each mix yields two 8" crusts....one for now and freeze the other for later. Easy, peasy!

mg! Pancake and Waffle Mix  5.50

Pancakes or waffles drizzled with delicious Maple syrup = breakfast of champions. Add Blueberries, Peaches, or Bananas for an extra wow factor!

mg! Pastry Mix  6.50

Love making pies? then this mix is for you!


Granola 8.00

So you think you've tried the best granola ever? No way. Not until you've tried mygoodness! granola. Ribbons of toasted organic coconut mingled with sliced almonds and certified wheat-free Canadian oats, warmed by the sweetness of pure Canadian maple syrup.

Oats 6.25

Make your own Granola, Oatmeal and Oatmeal treats with pure, uncontaminated Oats, one of Mother Natures healthiest grains.



Oat Flour 7.45

Use this highly nutritious flour on its own or in combination with other flours, for Cookies, Sweet loaves or Oat Bread! Delish!

Almond Flour  10.95/ lb

Hands down the Queen of flours!


Shipping charges are extra. All  orders require a 48 hour notice. Payment by e-transfer only.






quejos-cheesebuns-cheese-puffsGluten-free Italian flat bread 



mygoodness! gluten and wheat free kitchen
Vancouver, BC Canada

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